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Thank you George for your feedback. Now, at Microsoft wasn't there some
project that is being kept under wraps in a separate department that is
quietly at work developing a new source code because I thought I read
something about it back in July of 2008 but there was only a small amount of
data on the topic and I have even forgotten the name of the new source code.
Can anyone please refresh my memory?

I believe the word you're looking for is "Midori".

However, there are so many research projects into new operating systems, display products, network stacks, interfaces, etc, that Microsoft puts their efforts into, it's difficult to judge where any particular project is headed.

Let's look at this logically - either Midori is designed to emulate the Win32 API, in which case it inherits many of the quirks of the Win32 API that have made security a tricky task, or it is designed not to be like Win32, in which case few will switch to it because of the lack of applications. Or it'll be something in-between, in which case, it's going to face a lot of both problems.

There has been no proposal made public about a project to replace the existing Windows code with all-new code - after all, most of the code is time-tested and reliable, so why on earth would you?

Remember that for an operating system to stay functioning, most of its code has to be working correctly, and the thought of throwing out all of that code, and re-writing it from scratch is not something a company should take lightly.

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