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Is the machine still under warranty or service contract, Joris?  Have you
contacted HP Support directly about these problems?

Was Norton 360 installed and running when you installed Vista SP1
the machine did not come with Vista SP1 preinstalled)?

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available at no charge through 18 Mar-09
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Hi Robear,

I still haven't find the original thread of this one, so I am replying
via google, just to get moving. Still can you respond with providing
me the URL in Microsoft forum. As I am not a technical person I don't
need to have all this thing set up to communicate. For people like
yourself I see clearly the benefit for that and that it is easier. For
now I am focusing on my issues on my PC. ...which have far from
resolved at this moment.
So here are my responses to your questions/suggestions:

1. at the beginning of my thread I made clear reference to the update
KB 947562 and notice that there must be a relationship as the main
issues started right after installing that update, together with a
Windows Defender Update. That said, I have taken notice in my event
log of errors and warnings going on much earlier already, but I am not
sure even whether those are related to the issues I am facing right
now. KB947562 has caused clearly issues with other users and they seem
to be similar in nature, touching the roots of the profiles and
programs. More I can't say about it as I am just a novice trying to
get the situation resolved

2. Yes my PC is under warranty. But before handing it over to an HP
Business Service Center, I want to resolve this issue for many
reasons: first my data which is blocked and which at least I need to
be able to back up for later restore. I have been able to do so for
the direct available critical files but there is also 8 GB hidden
files in a Personal Secure Drive (HP ProtectTools created a partiion
for that on my C-drive). As that software is corrupted I cannot access
the PSD, nor the programs related to it. My main issue here is -
though I have tried to reinstall over the corrupted version, which
didn't work ; program still corrupted - if I uninstall, I may loose
all access controls and certifications for that PSD drive. So I have
to be very carefull in the choice / decision I make for next steps.

3. That brings us to my 3rd problem: I cannot access on-line
diagnostics or on-line support with HP. My computer (on the IE screen
of the HP website) keeps on returning to the initiation of the program
(webbased), though the necessary active-x are being installed and UAC
consented when running, but I don't get through. This may have to do
with IE and firewall settings, but I have turned all OFF (NORTON and
Windows) and allowed for most settings in IE security tab, but still
no way I can access the on-line HP tools. And yes I need their advice
on how to best continue. I have been able to open a CASE number with
all the forementionned info with HP in the US/Singapore, but have not
seen any responses. I also have posted my issues on the HP forums, but
no responses as of yet (to be honest, those forums are not as active
as the MS ones). to the core or root of the causes of all of these issues: 6
weeks ago I rebuilt my PC fromn scratch as I had major issues going on
(SvcHosts-DCOM processes were eating all my CPU resources) - probably
caused by Norton360, as I found out later (not having read all the
details fo the installation instuctions of VISTAsp1) not having it
turned off when I installed sp1. As at that moment also I found out
that I had no restorepoints (which were set to be created and had
created myself some), there were none anymore (same as now - something
in my settinggs - and it may be because of the different eand
conflicting security systems (Windows, Norton, HP ProtectTools, GPO
and local policy settings - but having verified every detail of those
I could not find anything and had even simplified it all a week ago by
eliminating various controls and settings - but non crucial to result
in what is going on today. That is also why I need on-line support
from HP to see all the error and warning messages in the eventlog and
make some sence out of it (when verifying some major ones via MS I get
screens that there are no resolutions for the events reported).
So back to rebuilding my PC: I amde sure Norton360 was not reactivated
- actually installed till all my prorams were installed including
VISTA sp1. However I found out that Norton left dirt on my PC after I
had uninstalled it (hidden drivers and a like where still active or
inactive on my PC. So I found out that Norton had a cleanup program,
which I used after WAU had installed VISTAsp1 (so maybe the damage
already occured). But everything was working alright. Then 2 days
before WAU installed KB947562, I had reinstalled Norton360 completely
- everything was working good and no slowdowns, all Svchost processes
and CcSvchost (Norton) were acting proper within their allocated CPU
resources. The rest of my story is in the thread already.

5 your resolutions about uninstalling SP1: It had crossed my mind
already but I cannot do this untill first of all I understand all the
consequences and how to rebuild, but also I cannot start this untill I
have my PSD partition accesssed and backup the data in there. I got
most backedup 3 weeks ago but there is still critical data in there
and no clue what may be missing if I don't obtain it before I do this
major revision of returning back to before SP1.

So, I am stuck, unless I can get proper access again to the original
profiles and have been able to restore HP ProtectTools. There are two
things I can think of now that I will have to reconsider when
rebuilding: no more Personal Secure Drives as the vulnerability is
HIGH RISK (whatever HP claims of their unrivaled HP ProtectTools, it
is not waterproof). The second one is NORTON360. I have experienced
and read from many forums that it is all crap (have to claim my +100$
back first). But what is the alternative!!!?

7 MS or MSvista support online: major issue here: my PC was delivered
by HP with OEM reinstalled software (VISTAbusiness32 and
OFFICE2007professional), which I had protested for with HP and its
reseller. OEM is crap and I wished that the industry stops it because
it makes the buyers of those PC very vulnerable and dependable. And as
you can see when things don't work you cannot get help anywhere. So as
I experienced with MS, they don't provide access to there online
support because of OEM installed software. Not sure how they allow for
the VISTAsp1 support! Should I try that one out.

In the meantime I am starting to study the websites related to this
you provided in your recommendations.

Any suggestions are welcome...

And please give me the original URL of this thread so I can trace.


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