Virus or not Virus?

When I scan my PC using F-Secure, I find no virus, but when I use the online
Norton anti-Virus, I find following infected files.

our computer is infected with at least one known virus or Trojan horse.

Search for the name of the threat(s) listed below on the Symantec Security
Response site for removal information

C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\UERSR_0001_N91M2407NetInstaller.ex... is
infected with WinFixer
C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\UERS_0001_N68M1801NetInstaller.exe is
infected with ErrorSafe
C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\CONFLICT.1\UERSR_0001_N91M2407NetI... is
infected with WinFixer
C:\backup_carman\Radmin\r_server.exe is infected with Remacc.Radmin

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