Re: requesting a certificate in Vista.

It can be due to policy. For example, one of our customers has defined certificate profiles. These define the exact contents of the issued X.509 certificate. Remember, when you are developing a custom request, you are replicating the functionality produced by certificate templates (with additional flexibility of course).
Bottom line, you put in the subject name formats and extension required by both the applications and your policies.

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When requesting a certificate in Vista, if you choose to create a custom request (not going to use a template) and go to the "details" area, there are different areas to go through. The first is Subject. For subject name and alternative name, there are alot of choices. Is what you pick influenced by what the policy and CPS of the receiving CA says it needs from you? Meaning, the CA's policies dictate what you should pick in order to get a certificate from that CA. And all CAs can differ? Same thing for the Extensions tab?