Re: Should Norton Internet stop all virus?

You seem to be responding to my first question, not my follow-on question of
'Why doesn't a full scan with the Norton take care of the virus?' It seems
that the virus I have would be known by Norton by now and my Norton Updates
would be up to date enough (not forever, I know) to take care of the 'old'

One last thing, most users are like me when they buy that pretty yellow or
red antivirus box...they feel it's a perfect product that will stay perfect
with the update procedure, especially with browsers saying they don't detect
a virus and Microsoft's automatic Windows update service.

No need to respond; I got your thread. And you probably have heard my
thread often. Hopefully others like me will read our threads and understand
and benefit from one of our threads. Thanks for your time.

"Shenan Stanley" wrote:

Shenan Stanley wrote:
goodknees wrote:
My Norton Internet 2007 did not stop a virus. Shouldn't it stop
all viruses? Also, why doesn't a full scan with the Norton take
care of the virus?

Shenan Stanley wrote:
You think that Norton Internet 2007 is a perfect product and that
things have stopped evolving and changing since it was created so
it will remain perfect until the end of time?

Evolving technology... it evolves. The bad guys find new ways to
get around the good guys efforts. An ongoing cycle - seemingly
never ending - exists. Do not expect any one product to ever do it
all, protect from all, etc. And don't limit that advice to just

goodknees wrote:
Why doesn't a full scan with the Norton take care of the virus?

Because - like you - It doesn't understand.

goodknees wrote:
I get it now...I'm a User, Loser.

No. You don't get it even though it was explained to you throughout this

The product never boasted that it would protect you from every virus
forever. Your question was "Shouldn't it stop all viruses?" where it was
Norton. The answer is "No. Nothing stops all viruses. Just like real
life - you cannot eat an apple a day and actually keep the doctor away."
Get it? There is no "cure-all" no "one size fits all" no "perfection". If
it can be done, it can be undone. The product is ALWAYS flawed - no matter
the product.

Shenan Stanley
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