Re: Safe AntiSpyware Products

slick1 wrote:
Although I have AVG and my machine is firewalled, I am still
without any AntiSpyware.
With so many "Rogue AntiSpyware" products out there I don't
know who is safe to use.
Would anyone please know of any free, safe, AntiSpyware products
and how many I need to put on my machine?
My System: > Acer TravelMate 2450
> Windows XP - Home - SP2
> Windows Explorer 7
> AVG, Windows Defender, SpyBot, Malicious software tool.
( all updated )

I think you've got plenty of programs already. The real key is practicing "Safe Hex". - So How Did I Get Infected Anyway? - The Parasite Fight - MVP Harry Waldron - The Family PC - How to stay safe on the Internet - Eric Howes on Rogue Antispyware Programs

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"Don't Panic!"
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