Re: Domain Isolation and non-windows IPSec capable systems

Our documentation on server and domain isolation includes scenarios involving interoperability. Start your journey here:

Steve Riley

"Andrea Casini" <AndreaCasini@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:04C78A66-4526-4284-8826-1C3B26AD0397@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Did anyone make a study, created a whitepaper or simply written some
documentation about the topic in Microsoft?

I find myself most of the time suggesting Ipsec as a good way to protect lan
traffic for my customers but since we don't live in a simple world there are
always non-microsoft systems around the network that could take advantage of
ipsec but i've never got into trying to make them talk ipsec with the rest of
the domain.

Nowdays almost any OS can talk IPSec but we miss guidelines on how to
implement it with IPSec and Domain Isolation on Linux, UNIX-Based systems,
ecc..; in many scenarios i have to deal with legacy IBM systems running OS400
or linux systems and it's a shame to make exceptions to these systems.

I'd like to know if any of you digged into this matter and what your
consideration are on the subject.