Need help with CAPICOM Security APIs

Not sure if this is the right newsgroup for this question.

I have a simple task that I need to perform. I want to be able to
pragmatically verify that an EXE file contains my signed certificate. I was
looking at the CAPICOM classes and it appears that there are class APIs that
I can use. However, I am not sure exactly what I need to do.

I created a SignedCodeClass and set the SignCode.Filename member equal to
the EXE file that I want to check. Then, SignCode.Verify function is called
to verify the validity of the certificate. However, I want to go one step
further and verify that the certificate is my certificate. Could someone
please offer some information on how I can do this?

Ken Varn
Senior Software Engineer
Diebold Inc.
MailID = varnk
Domain =


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