Re: McAfee shuts off my computer

And if you uninstall software and reinstall it?

BlueFireZ wrote:
Ver 2002, Service pack 2.

I used the removal tool. It still shut off. I put the Norton System Works
back on but not the virus software.

"PA Bear" wrote:

Windows version?

Run the Norton Removal Tool, reboot, and see if this behavior persists:

Should I go back to Norton?

Lord, no!
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
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BlueFireZ wrote:
I recently removed Norton and installed McAfee which comes free from my
broadband provider. Shortly after downloading my computer began to act

I got fatal error messages, some of my drivers would not load and then the
computer began to reboot every 5 - 10 minutes, even if it was idle.

I thought I had a virus. After a long day of talking with techie friends,
and removing and reinstalling software I ran a virus scan. Each time I
to do so the computer rebooted.

Now, it does not show any more error messages or reboot unless I try to

Should I go back to Norton?