Re: How unsafe is Outlook Express?

I've used Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and now Outlook with and without
email scanning. I prefer not to have it. I set my preferences to read in
plain text with fonts of a certain size; plain text is safer than html.
I've recently gone from dial-up to cable internet. Dial-up was so slow, and
the email scan made it even slower. Even with cable, I notice that it's
slower. So I don't use it. Of course, if an attachment comes in, I
right-click and scan it before I even consider opening it. I've never
gotten malware through email; it's the web and some old dusty software CD's
that recently put me at risk.

Lady D

"Robinb" <robinbk9_nospam@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
| almost every email program is vulnerible. It is up to your antivirus to
| catch what comes in. In my opinion I think Symantic is wrong. I think
| should have any antivirus protection checking incoming email all the time.
| I use AVG antivirus program the free and the pro on many computers and I
| have found it uses less memory than Norton, has caught things Norton has
| and you can set it to scan incoming and outgoing emails.
| You need to have a good antivirus program and a good antispyware program
| running because the antivirus program only grabs viruses and some actually
| will grab trojans, but a good antispyware program will grab malware and
| trojans. You can only have one antivirus program running on your computer
| because they will fight each other and prolly lock it up or crash but you
| can have 20 antispyware programs. I would not recommend 20 that is a bit
| overkil but I run, avg antispyware, ad-aware, spybot search and destroy,
| spywareblaster and superantispyware.
| I hope this helps
| robin
| "michal bucko" <michal.bucko@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
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| > You cannot say that Outlook Express is unsafe. Every software has
| > vulnerabilities still waiting to be discovered, and exploited. There's
| > always a possibility that the vulnerability (especially in such
| > will allow remote exploitation without the interaction of the user.. but
| > that's not that simple. There are not currently known any remote
| > exploits for OE. Generally, if you obey the fundamental rules you talked
| > about, the bar is risen high for the exploiters.
| >
| > .. I am very interested in the 'hanging' element of your problem's
| > description. Could you provide more information? It might be possible
| > AV solution is vulnerable. (but I don't think this
| > is the case)
| >
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| > Michal Bucko
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