Re: How to have system service to access network

As LocalSystem on computer A, you cannot map a network resource on
computer B using LocalSystem. That would be quite a security hole.
Given that the service must keep running as LocalSystem, could you use
a proxy account to map drives with? Check out

J Wolfgang Goerlich

On May 1, 9:18 pm, Bob <B...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a VB app that i runs from a LocalSystem service with
The app gets the token of the service so it runs under LocalSystem too.

When i call in my app that as said run from the Localsystem service to:
WNetAddConnection2, i get error 1312 (ERROR_NO_SUCH_LOGON_SESSION)
In my opinion since a LocalSystem service does not have access to network.
Can i make the app that run from the LocalSystem service to access Network
so that WNetAddConnection2 will work?
I run it on XP pro and Vista - same problem.

(The app and The service must keep running under LocalSystem - i do not want
to change that)