Re: I hear there is a new internet in the works?

Roger Abell [MVP] <mvpNoSpam@xxxxxxx> wrote:
"Tom Willett" <tompepper@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
As soon as Al Gore gets a little more time, he'll be inventing a new

People laugh at that,

People also don't seem to remember what he actually said, or perhaps they
simply prefer to believe the fabrications spread by Fox/Coulter/Limbaugh and
their ilk.

but I recall drafting a letter for my director
to his office in the third consecutive year during which he sponsored
the SB (senate bill) which eventually (it did not make it that time
either) did lead to NSF funding the commercialization and capacity
lift effort for the network.


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Whats that about? Is this form of internet really that bad? Any
comments please...