Re: Security on 2003 Server Enterprise Edt.

Look into the guidance from MS on security W2k3/XP and consider
using the SCW (Security Configuration Wizard) to get a decent starting
point on your server's lockdown. There is very much that depends on
the usage of the server, so neither are the docs brief, the SCW totally
simple, nor any answer you could get here accurate to your case.

That said, yes there is a firewall in W2k3. AFAIK there are still some
issues with it if you have multi-nics and/or multi-ips on a nic.
IPsec can give you a very effectively cloaked machine (as it can for W2k,
etc) if the roles / use-cases of the machine are well-defined.
SCW will give you a great start on minimizing the risks/exposures of W2k3

Roger Abell
Microsoft MVP (Windows: Security)

"KB" <KB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Within the next 2 weeks, i'll be installing a Enterprise 2003 server at
and i'm thinking about the security aspects of it!! I'll be behind a
Router, but i've read somewhere that Windows Firewall comes on 2003

Is this true or can someone help me with a cheaper alternative to an ISA
server, since i'm not the wealthiest man in the world!!!