Re: Windows Integrated Authentication vs IE session credentials

Internet Explorer will first use your Windows session credentials. If
these fail, it will prompt you to enter in site-specific credentials.
This process will be repeated for all Windows-integrated websites that
you visit.

Internet Explorer will not reuse site-specific credentials from one
site on another. The site is identified by the URL or IP address. To
demonstrate this, logon to a Windows-integrated site using the URL.
Then, in the same IE browser window, enter in site using the IP
address. You will be prompted to re-authenticate.

J Wolfgang Goerlich

Scewbedew wrote:
When accessing a web site that requires authentication, I'm only required to
log on once; after that my logon credentials are active for that IE session
(I believe).

Assume that I log on to this site with logon credentials that are separate
from my Windows logon.

Now, if I - using that logged-on session - accesses another web site that is
configured for Windows Integrated Authentication - what will happen? Will the
browser try to use the credentials active for that session, or will it always
ignore those in favour of the Windows logon credentials?


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