Re: Does Norton AV send emails ?

Your decision to "hang with it" (Norton) seems a bit like throwing good
money (your system) after bad (Norton).

Most of the best alternatives are free for home users. AVG and Avast, for


Gary S. Terhune
MS-MVP Shell/User
"Roll Your Own Free Security Suite"

bobnrobin wrote:
"Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM" wrote:

"bobnrobin" <bobnrobin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If this question should be in a different group, please advise.
In about 5 years of using various versions of Norton AV (current
'06), have
not ever received an email notifying that a certain "many
letters.exe" file
"was infected with the malicious virus Bloodhound.Beagle and has
been deleted
because the file cannot be cleaned." Until yesterday. The sender
was "Janpipkin", title was "price_12-Dec-2006". Email has an
attachment called
"". Reads: "This message has been
processed by Symantec's AntiVirus Technology. Next paragraph:
(Eleven letters).exe was
(as quoted above). Last paragraph: For more information on
antivirus tips
and technology, visit
Normally, since I didn't recognize the name, I would have just
deleted it unopened. But, was expecting an email from Customer
Service of a company regarding an order, and had no idea who might
reply..... so I opened it.. I
did NOT click on the attachment, nor the link in the last
paragraph. I went
to the Symantec site, but could not find anything helpful. I also
checked the Norton AV logs, and they do not show any such
Just wondering if this has happened to others, if it's standard
procedure from Norton, or some sort of spam, scam, or other bad n'
nasty. Appreciate any words of wisdom, thanks.

I've been getting a lot of these from "BearPABearMVP" Which is some
malwares understanding to the entry for PA Bear on someone's infected
computer. The message is well spoofed with nothing traceable in the
headers. I deleted it without opening it. Well, not quite. The
first one I read using the Properties button in OETool which is free

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM
Answer in newsgroup. Don't send mail.

Thanks, so much, Bear and Frank.....

For taking the time to reply. After several years of visiting the
newsgroups to learn, it's apparent that many of you - MVP's and other
Pros. - do not like some of the Norton/Symantec products, with good
reason, so thanks again for replying to Norton questions. With 200++
days of a paid subscription left, I gotta hang with it for a bit...
Incidentally, only after I opened the email, could I see the address
of the sender: Janpipkin@xxxxxxxxxxxx This was another reason for
concern. Should I warn some contacts who use comcast ?
Thanks again to both.


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