Re: Advance Notification of Dec 06 Security Updates?

MS06-059 (re-release) - addresses a vulnerability in Microsoft Office


"Gerry Hickman" <gerry666uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| Hi,
| As far as I remember, Office patches HAVE been mentioned in previous
| advanced notifications, and anyway, it's a bit late to worry about the
| "bad guys", LOL!
| Anyway, I'm looking at the "real" version now, and I still can't see
| anything about Word 2003.
| PA Bear wrote:
| > If there will be a security update that addresses a vulnerability or
| > vulnerabilities in MS Word, it'd either be one of the Windows updates or
| > an Office update.
| >
| > MS never tips its hat when it comes to advanced notification. (You
| > don't want the bad guys to know.) They just tell you how many to expect
| > (which might change) and how they'll be distributed.
| >
| > I suppose we'll find out in an hour or two.
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| Gerry Hickman (London UK)