Re: Information in Computer Management tool

From: "matriloch" <matriloch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| I have Windows XP Home Edition running on a Dell Dimension 2400 PC.
| I?m puzzled by some of the entries in Computer Management. I?ve copied
| everything from the file. The parts that I don?t understand have a space
| above and below. Is Windows XP just an overlay for Windows NT?
| Although my antivirus program never finds a virus and my spyware scanner
| never finds spyware (except for cookies), my computer is constantly being
| attacked. I disable remote assistance and the infrared port, but he still
| gets in. Could he be using Windows NT to attack my computer?
| One of the entries that seems odd is Computer description. It says Microsoft
| Windows XP Home Edition, but this is grayed out and barely visible.

< snip >

| Thank you in advance for any clarification.

Being attacked and have malware on the PC are two completely different things.

You need to fully describe what you tink is or what appears to be you computer being

You said "but he still gets in."
- Who gets in ?
- How do you know ?
- What evidence ?

You really need to state some facts here !



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