Re: Disable Administrator Logoffs

I don't believe that is possible. You will need to inform users not to log
you off. Maybe they think that the screen saver locked the computer and it
would be a good idea to paste a note to the screen to leave it alone. The
security log should contain logon events to help you determine who is
logging you off. For Windows 2003 Server another admin could still access
the server via Remote Desktop if need be [assuming it is enabled and
available from the client computer] to access the server while the console
is locked and maybe not everyone knows that.


"Ishmealm" <Ishmealm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I work in a large W2K3 Server environment with several server
I'm having problems with other admins logging me off of servers that are
locked. More than once a scripts been stopped or a file copy has been
interupted. Is there a way to disable logoffs by the other admins? I'm
if it disables it for me as well. I'd like for the admins to get in the
habit of asking the person that's logged on,if it's ok to log them off.