Re: Vb.Net code for user log-on network authentication

If you have code that is collecting credentials and then presenting this to
system for authentication then you should simply be able to do the same
but with domain specified to let the system use its channel(s) to get that
cred authenticated. If you mean a non-domain environment then it would much
depend on whether the auth call technique you are using is remotable.

That said, why are you bothering?
It is hard for most people to code more secure credential collection that
already exists, which is pretty much a no-op on your part if the code is to
used interactively, or used in domain environment where it will rund as the
cred context that needs to be recognized on the remote system.

IOW the answer I think is "it depends", as we do not know what your
architecture is attempting and via want classes/methods, etc..
On of the msdn forums might inform you most directly, and correct for the
specifics of what you have designed.

"anekwe via" <u13021@uwe> wrote in message
Let me rephrase the statement. What I wanted to know is a concise code
would allow me to logon to a server from my PC. I wrote the code to allow
to sign on to my program using my userID and workstation password. Now I
want to develop code to allow me to use my userID and the password to the
server. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Roger Abell [MVP] wrote:
I bet at most 1 out of 10 think "user authentication to a network"
means what you intend. I for one have no idea what you mean.

Does anyone know a concise complete VB.NET Code for user authentication
network, not a workstation with just username and password?

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