Re: Parent Control Software


Well Said Mr...errr...Ms??? "Lanwench"

I have heard that the new McAfee Security Suite has Parent Control.
Apparently, they have children, young adult, adult, and such. One can create
filters also.

In addition, most wireless routers and wired routers now have a web
filtering and domain blocking feature that can be used.

Lanwench is very correct though. A child will probably find away around your
method. You can create a very STRONG and COMPLEX administrator password by
using password phrases (should be done anyhow.) Many people don't know that
ctrl-alt-delete leads them to the "built-in" administrator account where the
default password is blank. With this account, a child can access anything you
do and change the values. For this reason, it is advised to log onto this
account, create a strong and complex password and maybe change the name of
the account from the default Administrator name. In addition, go to
interactive login under local security and enable the do not display last
user name. While your there, change all accounts but the built-in
Administrator accounts to "users" with limited security priv's. On most
occasions the "default" account level during set-up places all users in the
Administrator group instead of the user group. The password must be strong
because the child will probably be witty enough to download a "password
cracker" off the internet. Many of these can search the english language in
seconds and break a password. They can also do other nasty things if used
like placing rootkits with covert backdoors. If you really need to "tighten
up" you can deny specific users access to CD/DVD drive/Floppy ,etc..... That
is pretty severe but all can be accomplished via XP Pro.

Probably the most important part is taking GOOD control of the Administrator
Group. By this, I mean only using the built-in account as the admin account
and use complex password rules. Remove all other users from the admin group
and add them to the limited users group. And the biggest pain....set up the
application, sytem, and security logs and monitor them.

I know the above may seem complicated... Still, a child will learn the last
paragraph in a few minitutes and become the administrator of the account if
you don't take control. The Administrator accounts should VERY RARELY be
used to surf the internet because any hidden code on malicious sites will
silently download with administrator rights and run script with one of the
highest levels on the computer. If needed, the code developer can include
code to escalate priv's to NT Authority/System. I have broken this golden
rule several times and each time I seem to pay the price.

In summary, you can buy all the controls on the market but if you leave the
admin account (any admin account) open to "inside" attacks or "outside"
attacks, the controls will be very inneffective.

"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]" wrote:

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Could anyone recommend a good parent control software - I really
liked the net nanny trial, but it crashes my internet connection.


There are lots of products out there, but frankly, I tend to operate on the
assumption that a clever child/teenager will always be able to run circles
around the parent in these, no matter what you choose to use,
there is no substitute for direct supervision.

Maybe it would be best to find out what's actually happening when you have a
"crash" - if you like the software. Perhaps someone can help you with the
problem if you tell us what it is exactly - full details, including Windows
OS version & service pack level, kind of connection you use, and so forth.