Re: onoes.exe?

If you would kindly listen to my advice I think you might be spared a
headache or two in the future:

1. To begin with, Windows OneCare's anti-virus "protection" is
completely terrible. I would go as far to say that even the open source
ClamWin AV (or something like that)is even better than the OneCare AV.
You would be SO much better off by buying a cheaper, yet much more
powerful AV program such as NOD32 by ESET. NOD32 is not only cheaper it
is considered to be one of the most powerful and user friendly
anti-virus programs by many including several excellent product
reviewers such as PCWorld. As a matter of fact, you can even switch to a
free anti-virus product such as AVG Free or Avast and recieve much
stronger protection (I am using AVG Free and no virus survives on my
computer without my knowledge of it)
2. Furthermore, Windows OneCare's anti-spyware can be acquired for free.
It is the Windows Defender program that you see flashed around on
Microsoft's website that you can download for free. Not to mention that
Windows Defender is a relatively crippled and weak anti-spyware program.
You can add Ad-Aware SE, Spybot, Ewido Anti-Spyware, and Super
Anti-Spyware to your PC all for free (they are all free programs for
home users) which will be much more powerful than Windows OneCare's
spyware protection will ever be.
3. Moreover, Windows OneCare's cleaning tools can easily be replaced.
(In fact many are already on your PC. Go to Start - Accessories - System
Tools and you can find the Disk Cleanup and Defragmentator). The
CCleaner and the ATF Cleaner are much more powerful and effective
cleaning utilities that are offered completely free for home users.

In the end, Windows OneCare's $50 price is a rip off when you can spend
$30 (If you want NOD32) or even nothing (like myself and many security
experts) while gaining much better protection.

Rich Stone wrote:
I'm hoping somebody can help me here. I'm running Windows Live OneCare and
all seems to be working correctly. I have also been installing updates as
they have become available, including anti-virus definitions, etc.

My problem started a few days ago. Every time I reboot my PC, a file named
onoes.exe is detected as a virus. OneCare cannot clean it so puts it in
quaranteen. However, the next reboot seems to bring it back. Does anyone know
what it is, where it may have come from and how I can stop it from returning?


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