Re: problems with sunbelt kerio firewall and Spy Sweeper from Webr

On Tue, 8 Aug 2006 16:23:02 -0700, unstablemicrosoft
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Well, see

According to this the Kerio personal firewall is not 100 % safe.

Nothing is. Not even if it passes all the leaktests. See, the
leaktests do not cover all possible holes.

But I have downloaded the firewall, and submitted it to all the available
leaktests on It passed every test !!
So that data is outdated.

Okay, then we need to discuss the circumstances under which we test,
because I just tried it once more to make sure my statement is still
valid. And it is.

It failed for example LeakTest #16: Breakout and Leaktest #19: PCFlank
- and then there was no reason to continue... because these tests show
that your browser can easily be hijacked without Kerio barking.

Now, when I put these products to the test, I test if they do what the
vendors claim. I am looking at these products from the view of the
user who just wants to be protected but otherwise don't know much
about how firewalls work and who has no intention to learn. Most
vendors (including Sunbelt) claim to provide security by
"install-and-forget". So therefore their product should work out of
the box without further tweaking.

To be fair to Kerio, I tested it in both simple and advanced mode. And
both failed.

I also have the McAfee antivirus, and I can't rule out that that program
blocked some of the tests.

When putting a personal firewall to the test you must of course make
sure that no other security products interfere with the tests.

You see, anti-virus vendors have started to detect some of these
leaktests as malware. This of course means they will be stopping them
before they are allowed to test the firewall.

If you are interested in a strong firewall, I
suggest you download the Kerio personal firewall, and test it for yourself.

Oh, I have done that more than once. And my answer is, no thank you. I
prefer reliable security meassures.

I have Windows Xp Home Edition, service pack 2, all essential updates.

I tested on a fully patched windows 2000 SP4.

There are other good firewalls, my memory fails me, but I remember that Zone
Alarm pro is also very good. But I don't offer any guarantee, you'd have to
test it. Same is true for the looknstop firewall, possibly others.

I do put them to the test from time to time, and the results are not
impressive. Some are even security risks themselves. Like Outpost and