Re: Windows Defender and Webrook Spyware

I found the discussion group and put the message there, however, since this
discussion group is more visible, any one who might want to put an answer
here please do so. I am looking forward to see them.
(PA Bear's response to Pedrod on 8/1/2006 2:28 PM has the website address
of the Defender's newsgroups. I put my message under "compatibility")

"Octavio" <octavioven@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I jsut put the following thread in Windowsxp.newusers, but it was before I
found this "Security" discussion group. If any one can help with it, I
will appreciate it.

"Which one is the Windows Defender (new Beta 2) discussion group?
Do the Windows Defender and the Webrook Spyware can work simultaneously in
the same computer without any problem? (i.e., it is OK to have both
installed in the same computer. Any body have been having any problems

Thanks in advance.