Re: Microsoft User-Modem Driver Framework Feature Pack 1.0.0 (Pre-rele

"lfessler" <lfessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Can anyone tell me what this is or what its use is intended for. I found
on my Add/Remove portion of the control panel and presuem that it was
into my system by the automatic update route.

Please help is you can.

I understand this my not be a serious issue, or even a security issue, but
frankly I want to know what it is and have searched every possible way I
how on the Microsoft web site and came up with ZERO results.

Thank You
Larry D

Do you mean "mode" instead of "modem" ?

I did some poking around and apparently it comes with Windows Media Player
11 Beta. I have it too.

Colin Nash
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User