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Kerry Brown wrote:

imhotep wrote:
David H. Lipman wrote:

From: "imhotep" <inhotep@xxxxxxxxxx>

...well thanks, I think...

Hey, I respect when you post security related information and
vulnerability assessments.

However, I do get jaded when you post "get a MAC" in an obviously
Microsoft News Group.

Ya, I do see the "fur standing" sometimes. But, truth be told, I do
firmly believe it is a better solution (ie I am not try to ruffle
feathers, just speaking honestly)

It's like going to a Honda Motorcycle News Group and saying "Get a
Harley Davidson" :-)

Honestly, no matter what "motorcycle" you ride, honest criticisms
should be welcomed (unless you are the engineer who designed it, it
should not be taken personally). In my time I have worked on many
projects spanning many operating systems and where each fall short, I
would welcome a debate. Try an experiment. Go to a Linux new group
and start a discussion on why people like linux over Microsoft (or a
Mac group with the same question). Most people will welcome a logical
debate. However, here, I have experienced more of a religious "vibe"
than any linux/apple news group I have participated in...If you
launch a criticism of Microsoft here some, not all, will act like you
are attacking their family and labled you a "troll" or "MS Hater"...I
am just honest. If something sucks I will say it, to anyone. I am
equally tough on Linux and Apple so why should I be different for
Microsoft? I refuse.

Some of your posts are off topic and designed to stimulate off topic
responses. That is a troll. Not many of us doubt your expertise. I have
learned valuable information from many of your posts. I have also had you
in my blocked senders list at times. I was concerned when I thought your
posts had been censored because even though I consider some of them
trolling I have never been offended by them.

I am surprised you did not pick up on the fact that whole thread was
started because of a glitch in a Microsoft product :-)

My OE store had become corrupted.

Well, you honestly do not know me. Yes, I picked up on a "glitch" with your
MS product. If you really read what I post, I do not take cheap shots at
Microsoft for small trivial things. I *do* criticize them for their patch
times (months sometimes years) their business "meathods" and over all lack
of quality. These are different things. Your "glitch" is trivial, the patch
times are not! Think about it. Understand it and you will understand why I
am a "troll". I expect more MS...and I am not afraid to say call me
a troll or whatever as I don't really care anyway.


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