Re: Microsoft Misrepresenting WGA's Functionality?

"imhotep" <inhotep@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
But it *does* address important issues, that in my opinion are critical:
A) WGA helps protect *users* of Microsoft products from pirated software
that contains keyloggers, zombie robot code and so forth.
B) WGA helps protect Microsoft from losing revenue due to piracy. This
part of their legal and moral obligation to their shareholders.

oh come on!!!!!!!!!!!
WGA only protects Microsoft's profits!!!!!

Now, that is ok, but do not trick people into installing it. Be

If it was only about protecting Microsoft's profits, then the message would
be "when we detect you are running a pirated version, we're coming after
you". Instead, the message is "when we detect you are running a pirated
version, we're coming after the guy that supplied it to you, and in the
meantime, to keep you running, here's a free legitimate replacement copy of
the product you thought you were running".

Yes, it's about protecting Microsoft's profits - as a publicly traded
company, they have a duty to do that.

But it's also about bringing a new approach to the field of anti-piracy
actions, and instead of fining and jailing people who were perhaps
unwittingly duped by the people who sold them their software, it's about
fining and jailing the guys who are stealing from their customers, and
stealing(*) from Microsoft.

(*) Maybe you have a very tight definition of "steal" - if so, replace that
word with whatever term you use for the criminal activity described here.
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