Re: White screen and corrupt programs and drivers


I also considered this possibility and the chances of my computer
having a virus which no major antivirus software manufacturer can
detect is indeed
quite remote. However, it seems quite odd to me that the laptop
monitor is white at angle of 50 degress or more and readable at less
than 50 degrees
from closure. At the same time my video card diriver/software bundle
went corrupt, adobe software corrupt and norton antivirus 2005 worm
updates also corrupt. Isnt this too much of a coincidence to really
be a
coincidence? Even if some monitors have this ability(absolutely
crazy) to work partially how can one explain the corrupt programs on
the same boot
procedure. Let me remind you, both monitor and programs were workin
perfectly the day before!!!!!!! Also, i have never heard of a
hardware failure corruping programs!

It isn't odd at all that the monitor is readable at one angle and not at
another. All the video wiring is in that interstice between the screen
and the main body of the laptop. What you are describing is symptomatic
of broken hardware.

Yes, hardware failure can certainly corrupt software.

I'm sorry that my answer was not one that you wanted to hear, but I
stand with what I said. Another solution would be to take it to a local
professional - not someone at your version of BigStoreUSA - and get a
hands-on diagnosis.

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