Re: Why not patch all windows and not just legal copies

Sorry to offend and no bet since its a lock (you have adware on your
computer IF you only use a SPI firewall AND surf the Internet, remember
commodity Firewalls block incoming connections and allow outgoing

Prudence suggests that its a very bad idea to assume you are secure with 3
year old technology. I suggest that you install a good IDS system and
actually see whats going on in your network before making a challenge like
that since EVERYONE that has a clue is telling all of use to avoid going to
sites that we dont know about regardless of patch level.

IMPLICATIONS being that there are interactions going on between our
computers and the rest of the Internet that are simply beyond our control.
(Check out AJAX)

I personally have a very good hardware firewall with SPI AND I still scan my
computer for Spyware, Adware and the like daily using a number of COTS

if you think you are in good shape go get Spyware Doctor and see if you scan
clean. If you do then bravo, if not then consider it a lesson learned,
register the product and remove the beasties.

"Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What you describe is not a firewall vulnerability and saying that
"Hackers blow thru firewalls like smoke thru a screen door" is very
misleading and relies on social engineering attacks. I invite you or
anyone to try and blow through my firewall. --- Steve

"Michael Davis (Comcast.Net)" <netguru@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
1. SPI firewalls don't inspect the code for programatic "issues" and are
not active at the application layer of the OSI model, Which is why good
network design today includes SPI firewalls chained to Application layer
firewalls as well as anti-spyware components like Blue Socket and
Webroot. There are simply too may ways to exploit any single component.

2. TCP/IP was never intended to be "secure" - nothing like open ports

3. Windows has undisclosed exploits -really

results in - drive by downloads (where simply mousing over a gif on a
hacker site results in malware being installed on your computer. This
happens regardless of the presence of SPI firewalls and results in
malware on your computer.

download Spyware Doctor and run it on your computer. If you find
"uninvited guests" then register it (buy it) and remove the pests.

"Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Really. Exactly how would they do that? --- Steve

"Michael Davis (Comcast.Net)" <netguru@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Hackers blow thru firewalls like smoke thru a screen door.


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