I'm having a few problems from malware ect, Help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, I have the following software to help me deal with these kinda
problems but they don't seem to be working; Spybot, AVG, ZoneAlarm and
Spy Doctor. I'm not very good in this area.

Problem number 1.

Recently, an icon has decided to reside on my taskbar. It flashes
between a red circle with a diagonal line through the middle and a
green wheel-chair icon and every and then, pops up with a red box
containing the following message:

"Your computer is infected!
Critical system error!
System detected virus activities.
They may cause critical system failure. Please use antimalware
software to clear and protect your system from parasite programs.
Click here to get all available software."

When I click it, it goes to this website: http://www.spywarequake.com/

Problem number 2.

Whenever I open internet explorer, it goes to the following website:

The current homepage is blank, but whenever I click the homepage icon
or start up it goes to that website. I've tried changing it, but with
the same effect.

Problem number 3.

Sometimes, when I try to go to a website, the following one opens
instead. http://malwarewipe.com/
www.pesttrap.com is doing the same thing

Help would be greatly appeciated because it's really starting to bug