Re: Windows XP re-activation

alf77 wrote:
OK READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reading the Privacy Statement from Microsoft regarding Windows XP
activation it says : "Quote" Microsoft asks that you activate
windows so that we may verify that your installation is done with a
Genuine Microsoft product "Unquote" This Privacy Statement also
refers to hardware and some other issues. And it ends as follows :
"Quote" If you believe that Microsoft has not adhered to these
privacy principles , please notify us by postal mail at the
following address :
Microsoft ATTN : Microsoft
Product activation One
Microsoft way Redmond,
Washington 98052-6399 USA
Plus, this Microsoft Statement NEVER refers to how many times are
we allowed to re-activate the product !
Being so, my two statements are : 1- My Product is Genuine
2- I dont have a
limit to re-activate my product

My question to Microsoft is : Why is Microsoft telling thousands of
Windows XP users that their product is not Genuine and why do we
get a message from Microsoft saying that we have exceeded the
number of times we can re-activate ?
Finnally : Microsoft broke its own Privacy Statement

There is no set number. You can activate a legitimate copy of Windows XP as
many times as you desire on the same computer. The ambiguity sets in when
defining what a computer is (for the OEM people out there) and the
reactivate strangeness that sometimes happens is more of a fluke. There is
also the issue of proving you purchased Windows XP legitimately, etc.
Another good reason to always keep your receipts and to read them when you
get them.

As for the WGA stuff going on now - that is something a little different and
*is* a controversial topic as is evident in these newsgroups and the forums
Microsoft set up for this topic. If you wish to ask legitimate (calmly
phrased) questions, I suggest you ask here. There are actual Microsoft
employees who will answer questions there.

As for the "exceeded the number of times you can activate" message - that is
a badly worded message - that simple. You have exceeded the number of times
you can activate via the Internet for that license in the last 120 days. If
you were to wait 121 days (you cannot - you don't have that many when
activating) or if you just activated by phone - you would be done with that
matter. That message (and its bad wording) has been the topic of 100's of
newsgroup and forums posts - a google search will show you most of them.

Shenan Stanley
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way