RE: Symantec AntiVirus Worm Hole Puts Millions at Risk

Sch1sm wrote:

I wasn't one to be taken by this news, although i will admit it is ironic
in the comments that have been posted in the media, you have to keep in
light the fact that all software has programmatical errors, regardless of
the type of software, the vendor and suchlike.

I run Norton Internet Security 2006, Norton Save & Restore 11.1 (Built on
Norton Ghost 10), Norton GoBack 4.1 and Norton SystemWorks 2006 and i have
never had any issues with the software whatsoever. I have always had a
pleasure in using Symantec software regardless of the image it portrays
and the stories it has formed.

As it stands, the media seeks to create mountains out of molehills and
this situation is a play on words. Symantec have released and patch and
their hardware based security applicances have already recieved updates.

....there is a significant difference between a software "bug" and a software
bug that incurs a major secure hole. How many credit cards numbers were
stolen last year? How many US social security numbers? How many identity
thefts? Do you really think that the companies that lost the billions just
say "oh well, we will just pay the bill." Nope. You and I pay for it. Sorry
but, this situation is not a "molehill"...of course if you want to pay the
bill for everyone else, sure, I would consider it a "molehill". You game?

-- Imhotep