Re: Are We Addressing Cyber Crime Backwards

Jupiter Jones [MVP] wrote:

"If the software does not allow..."
Not possible with any OS.

Can you quote the whole sentence here!

"So do something about it"
What would suggest?
Right now you are blaming it all on the OS.
The OS is improving, but users still click on anything that seems
interesting without stopping to consider the consequences.
Your excusing the user does nothing to help educate the user about safe
computing practices.

You still are doing what any fool could do: throw your hands up in the air
and blame the user. I expect more from a "technical person".

You really like to ignore the last paragraph of my post.

No at all. I have answered it many times. I just disagree. Your statement
lacks professionalism and I just expect more. I certainly deliver more for
my users...

Why is it my users *can* click on anything they want without problems and
your can't?

-- Imhotep

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