Re: Someone Hacked into my Hotmail system

Thanks, i have read everyones suggestions and i'm following what they've
suggested, i don't mind teh criticizem when i am at fault, but i will
practice what has been mentioned to try, but all is all, i have chosen to use
the free side of hotmail, so therefore security to gte into my messages would
be low and i understand that, so i just have to think of passwords to
re-direct the person who is hacking into my messages. thanks again everybody
who has helped.

"Panda_man" wrote:

My reply is at the bottom of your message :

"Ash...." wrote:

okay cool, thanks.. so annoying that people hack into your email accounts
what happened to privacy these days.... thanks for the advice must

Nobody likes being criticized but it is your fault . Have a special look at
Malke's and Shenan's suuggestions and ...perform them...

And how exactly you got your account hacked :

easily! Yes , easily . Are you sure your computer is clean . The problem is
that people don't realize the pottential risk , they create stupid passwords
, silly passwords that even a 6 years old children can guess. People don't
realize the risk and leave their machines unprotected , the data is and can
be a gold mine but people don't save it , do you know very well all the
softwares and files you currently have - trojan spyware/trojan keylogger ,
worm or trojan backdoor . One morning you wake up , see the nice sun , try to
turn on your computer , open My Documents and see no files there , oh ,what
happened , a dame SpyFalcon is poping up , saying like a devil , I am here ,
your files aren't .........."WHY , I didn't take care ", just one hour to
protect the data I have or most likely the data I had...

Sorry , I don't mean to be rude , I am just telling you the Reality.

Either contact MSN and try to get your data back or make a new account .
Inform your friends/family-members or colleagues what happend to your old
account and tell them you have a new one.

You may wish to contact the authorities.
Clean your computer from pottential threats
Protect your PC


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