Re: Microsoft Says Recovery from Malware Becoming Impossible

Alun Jones wrote:

Imhotep wrote:
Michael D. Ober wrote:

The only OS that this warning doesn't appear to apply to is OpenVMS.
Linux (and by extension, Mac OS-X) and Unix are also subject to this
same problem.

What kind of 'stuff' are you smoking???? Do you have any idea how
stupid you sound?

I have been using Linux for 10 years, never caught anything. If I had
a dollar everytime I caught something on Windows I could retire very
wealthy. The truth is that malware is 99.9 % a Windows problem. So
stop lying about it!

Where's the "lie"? Where's the "stupid"?

The lie is:
"The only OS that this warning doesn't appear to apply to is OpenVMS. Linux
(and by extension, Mac OS-X) and Unix are also subject to this same

You are misleading people by saying malware (spyware, adware, etc) affects
all OSes. When in fact it is a WINDOWS PROBLEM!!! Swallow the sour pill and
admit the truth...

This warning - that malware can leave such insidious and subtle traces on
a system that you can't guarantee to have found and removed them all -
applicable to all systems. Possibly excluded are systems that exclusively
use write-once storage (CD-Rs, for example), and thus have an audit trail
from the moment they were first turned on to right now.

TRUE or FALSE, malware (spyware and adware) is 99% a WINDOWS problem: TRUE

Let's remember that the very term "rootkit" came from the Unix world.

A rootkit does have the possibility of infecting any system. This is true. A
rootkit is typically installed because a user has downloaded something and
has root/administrator privileges (UNIX users do not have these higher
privileges but in Windows, especially "home" additions do. Thus, again,
making them more vulnerable). However, we are not talking about rootkits.
We are talking about crapware (spyware and adware)...but nice try at
changing the topic...


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