Re: Is proper boot sequence manageable?

How I wish to be name Ronaldo and have all his money....! Or perhaps you do
not follow soccer.

I thanks you very much for the response and do accept my apologies for the
lack of information.
I am running XP-SP2 and it own firewall as you favor.
As you already mentioned that is the way I see it. The security center is
loading and checking for the firewall before its own firewall loads and
then warns that there is none.
Can the loading sequence be manipulated? Which file is Bootbis suppose to
rearrange? Perhaps is not feasible.

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"Rolando E Creagh, MD FACS" wrote:

I kind of get tired of seen a warning that I have no
firewall, before the firewall loads. Somewhat stupid....
Is there a way to adjust this things. Bootvis (which I do not use
does not do it.
Your expert advice shall be appreciated


Hello Ronaldo ! You don't tell us what is your operating system nor what
firewall are we talking about ?

This problems can occure because :
1) Your firewall doen not load during start-up but it loads as soon as all
other processes/services are loaded which is fiorewall issue

2) Something like a run between your firewall and the Security Center
service... Most or all the time the Security center service wins ... ;-)

I don't know what firewall we are talking about but if you use Windows XP
with SP2 I strongly recommend all users use the built-in Windows

If you use another Windows version , I recommend users use the free

You can also turn off the Security Center notification by going to Control
Panel->Security Center-> Change the way ... -> uncheck firewall.
If you do this , be careful and monitor your firewall.

Learn how to protect your PC:

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