Re: 'anti virus 2006 pop-up

From: "desperate" <desperate@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| i keep on getting a anti virus pop up, telling my my computer is infected,
| i've downloaded, spybot, spyware, but didn't help, i'm running norton
| internet security 2005, but i can't put the setting any higher, or it doesn't
| let me access, my msn messenger. i can't put any of the internet setting
| higher, because they don't let me access it either, it there any hints and
| tips anyone has as to how i can stop the win anti virus from happening, i'm
| desperate, i keep onthinking i've gotten rid of it and it comes back, please
| help

Maybe I was too hasty in giving you those specific set of instructions.

To be sure I need to ask you some questions, which I should have done in teh first place.

The Anti Virus Pop-Ups you are getting... Are they generated by Norton ?

What exactly is the Pop-Up stating ?

Is it a Pop-Up for WinAntivirus Pro 2006 or WinAntiSpyware 2006 ?

Does to Pop-Up show, as part of a URL ?