Re: IPsec question

how can I do that??
I need only to secure Oracle connection to the server, but any other traffic
, can be unsecure.

"Roger Abell [MVP]" <mvpNoSpam@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Did you also define a baseline blocking rule so that the only
rule allowing connection to that port is the rule you mentioned?
(rule you mentioned needs to be stating the exception to the
rule that say connection is blocked)

"Ahmad El Ghazouly" <aelghaz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a problem with IPsec.
I want to secure the connection to a server that have oracle server
installed on it.
I've applied IPsec policy on the server so that the server require
security for any connectio from the server or to the server on the port
but still the users are able to connect to the port without the ipsec
policy applied.
any help?????