Re: 2ND REQUEST : How can I setup anonymous printing on win2k or XP?

Yes, I agree. Given the response that printing should
be available to anyone that might ever be present at that
location, use of Guest is (almost the only) the way to go.

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Make a Printers user group (if there isn't one already - my Win2k box is
not on right now) and add the users to that group. Then set your
permissions on the printer accordingly. Obviously the users will need
to have accounts on your pseudo-server for authentication. Since you
are using a workgroup, you probably don't have that many users anyway.

If you don't want to make user accounts for individuals on the Win2k box
(perhaps the individuals come and go for ex.), then make a generic user
account on both the "workstations" and the pseudo-server. An example
for a school would be users called "Student" or "Teacher".

This isn't necessary. Just make sure that the guest account is enabled
and that the Everyone group is assigned permissions to the shared

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