Re: 2ND REQUEST : How can I setup anonymous printing on win2k or XP?


Thanks for the help.

How is this printer shared?
Connected directly to the network?
Connected directly to a computer system?

The PC is running Windows 2000 Professional, and the printer is directly
connected to it. It is shared as "printer". I would like any other
computer to be able to print to it regardless of the other computers

Also, is the PC within a domain ?

The PC is part of a workgroup.

and when you say without
having to put everyone into "its" userlist do you mean "it" as
the PC ? or as the printer ?

I mean the PC. I could put each persons username/password into the PC's
local users and then it would accept print jobs from these people, but I
would prefer to simply modify the PC so it doesn't care who is trying to
print to it.

Finally, do you mean everyone that might ever be at the location
or everyone that is normally there (an so have accounts) ?

Ever be.


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