Re: What anti-malware software are YOU using?

Bug off. Let the man speak for himself. Are you his salesman?

"Tom [Pepper] Willett" wrote:

You need to leave it to the experienced users/posters/professionals who know
what they are talking about. You need do a lot of work and gain much more
experience before you have any credibility.

Just because you won a science fair in the 8th grade and claim to have a
high IQ doesn't mean you have the savvy to give proper advice in the

And, stop being a parrot.

But, I will admit, it's fun to read your posts. When my grandkids are in
the 8th grade, hope they give me such humor.

"Efrain" <Efrain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This was my original post:

Use Windows Defender (free) and Onecare ($20.00 for 3 PC only this month).
They are the best and from Microsoft. Remember, first God then Microsoft.

This was your answer to my post:

Only follow that advice if you want to get infested and need the practice
rebuilding your PC.

end of quotes.

Now, who you think you are to degrade my recommendation of 2 of the best
Microsoft recent products, Defender and OneCare. Why were you so nousy. If
you don't agree with a post just ignore it, but don't be sarcastic. Let me
remind you that 4.5 years is a long time wasted with this type of
advertising. Microsoft should be watching your posts for content and
extension. Filling pages with the same information is abusive. Get a life.
This is a Microsoft Live OneCare forum, not your personal advertising one.
you keep this type of behavior, I will inform Microsoft

"Shenan Stanley" wrote:

Efrain wrote:
Subsystem Status Description
System Intel Pentium 4, 3730 MHz
Memory 3071MB RAM
Disk Drives C, I
Video RADEON X850 Series
Internet MSIE 6.0; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727
Windows Windows XP Pro SP2

Processor (CPU)
Millions of instructions per second (MIPS) 7678 0.100 768
Memory (RAM)
Megabytes per second (MB/sec) 9622 0.100 962
Video 2D
Megapixels per second (MP/sec) 237 1.000 237
Uncached Disk I/O
Megabytes per second (MB/sec) 127 2.000 254
Internet Download
Kilobits per second (Kb/sec) 285 374 0.100 37
Deduction for red/yellow flags 0 -10 0
Total Weighted Score 2258

I had a score of 2258 in Performance and Security. What's yours?
I have Windows Xp Firewall off as well as Systyem Restore. OneCare
and my 2Wire modem firewall are a better choice.
What's your score/, and don't fill the page with all your
advertisement junk.

Computer test scores mean nothing in most real world scenarios.

The servers and workstation systems I have access to are in the thousands
quantity. Many of them are have two dual core or two xeon processors and
to 16GB of RAM. Most have SATA or SCSI RAID arrays and are connected via
gigabit networks.

As for advertisment - that spiel has helped more people on these
over the last 4+ years than I can count. I don't advertise anything - I
give people facts on how to secure and maintain theirt systems to the
of their ability so they do not have to pay someone to do the simple
and/or so they learn something and get to use their computer without
incident for that much longer.

I'm here to help. You're here to show your saq - which usually means you
think it is worthwhile when it actually isn't.
Good luck with your system.. When you want it to actually clean up your
system and secure it - go through and read and comprehend my tips list

Otherwise - I bid you good luck with everything else and hope you enjoy
rest of your day.

Shenan Stanley
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