Re: On password expiration

Hi Martin,

If you are very concerned about the security of the system, simply
forcing your users to change their passwords every X number of days is
not going to be a viable security strategy. That's not to say it's
not a really good idea, it's just that some user education is in
order. The average user has no idea about information security. In
order to secure the system, if the data is as sensitive as you have
suggested, I would suggest implementing an account inactivity
expiration time, requiring an admin to re-enable accounts that have
been dormant for X numbers of days, an account lockdown policy to
prevent brute force attacks, and depending on how secure your
environment needs to be, an access log with someone assigned to audit
login attempts periodically.

In addition, you should set some expectations regarding the handling of
data as a personnel/management issue. For instance implementing an
organizational policy prohibiting employees from writing down their
passwords will mitigate the "sticky-notes on the VGA monitor"
possibility. Ultimately, some employees may choose to disregard this
instruction, but at that point you will have some accountability

Best Regards,

Dan Stynchula


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