Re: Is it possible to access Windows memory

Perhaps you could benefit by reading some of the MSDN documentation
about the new NetFx v2 class for SecureString - what it does, how it
should be used, and to the point of your post, why it now exists.
If you are keeping the data in memory in the clear, then it is likely also
ending up on disk in the pagefile pages, so it is potentially accessible
in two places by process with the right credentials.

<cvetomir.todorov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
We are developing and application which keeps in the memory in clean
state some security information - such as passwords, etc. My question
is: is it possible in Windows OS to get this secure information using
some programs etc.

I have played DOS hit'n'run games a long time ago and it was possible
to increase you life by such cheating programs which were accessing
memory of the game and changing some of the values.