Re: HELP! i've been hacked!

Alison Tan wrote:

i forgot to log off at the cyber cafe..and someone logged in my
msn..and changed my main account is being hacked..and i
don't know my secret answer and stuff..hoping tt the MSN Staff could
help me.. and help me change the passowrd and send it to me..
my main account is very important to me ..because i have many contacts
in it.. please please PLEASE PLEASE!!...HELP ME...
my another account is yee_alison@xxxxxxxxxxx
i tried sending mail to the staffs but it i tink this is
the only way that i can contact the Staffs...i really need help
now..because somebody changed my password..and my old password doesn't
work.. Please kindly send me my new password for my main account to
this account ..please! help me..i really can't bare to lose so many
contacts in one shot.. Thankyou,
Alison Tan ..sob...

I'm sorry you're so upset - understandably - but you've posted in a
public newsgroup that has nothing to do with MSN. MSN staff members
don't post here. I'm very sorry but you'll need to contact MSN support.

Contact MSN Support -

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