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"AliceZ" <AliceZ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The other day we signed into our Critical Update page to see if there were
any critical updates for our WinXPsp2. We noticed at the top of the screen
the following printed announcement: "Try Microsoft Update."
We understand this is a new program for Critical Updates and also included
critical updates for MS Office, etc. The previous Critical Update
button was still there and I clicked on that.
#1- We are told that this NEW "Try Microsoft Update" will replace the the
Critical Update that we are now using. Is that true?
#2- Can we continue to use the 'previous' critical update "Express"
#3- If we do click on the "Try Microsoft Update" button, will we have to
download ActiveX files, etc., so it will work?
#4- If we only want to download the Critical Updates for WinXPsp2, is that
possible? Or would we have to also download other updates for Office,
(We never use Office!)
#5- If we do switch to the new "Try Microsoft Update" and we find that we
not like it, can we switch back to the previuos Critical Update page that
have been using (with the Express and Custom buttons)?......
Please advise because we are quite confused as what to do. We don't want
click on the "Try Microsoft Update" and find out we have to download alot
files that we will never use and also, once we click on it, we can never
switch back to the old Critical Update page. (We read the Try Microsoft
Update information page but it did not enlighten us too much. We did post
another forum, but think that one was incorrect and that this forum is the
right one.)
Thank you.


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