Re: ZeroSpyware Enterprise Evaluation

I apologize for breaking the rules regarding posting. I am fairly new
to newsgroups, and do not know how to crosspost or set up follow-ups

Yes, I posted this in newsgroups that I thought would touch on security
issues, because I thought it could be of interest to people who would
frequent these groups.

We are a growing company and have allocated much of our resources on
product development and customer support. I do not have the budget to
buy ads or fly around the world to shake hands. This was simply an
attempt to inform of a new product release to the people who might
actually have an interest in it.

I have no verifiable history, as I just set up this account yesterday.

Again, I am sorry for not posting this message in an appropriate

PopS wrote:
Had you been honest and crossposted instead of multi-posting this
spam to so many places, yes it is spam, to every group in the
world that has firewall, spy, mal, microsoft, etc etc etc (looks
like about 20 places altogether) you could think of, I might be
more sympathetic. This makes the fifth time I've come across it.
Your obvious covereage or so many groups makes this
clearly -spam- and as such a reportable action. You also have no
verifiable internet presence history which makes things look all
that much more spammy for you.


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