Re: Virus...worm...mrbupd.dll

Kathy wrote:

this applicatin was not found; reinstalling the application may fix this

In addition her computer is loading in a temporary profile and states that
she doesn't have security access to get into her profile...the system goes
straight into the temporary profile and bypasses her regular profile option.
She cannot get into any of her programs in the temporary profile. She cannot
find her original system disks.

Any clues anyone can give? How can she get her security back to get into
her profile?


Two things for you. It appears that the mrbupd.dll file is for Need For
Speed Porsche Unlimited (amongst other games), although there could be
other uses for it. Also, the qagent.exe is the Quicken Download
Updater. So, I would venture that if you have Quicken installed, you'll
want to do a repair on it.

As for the temporary profile issue, I'm afraid that I won't be of much
help there. Since I'm not sure whether the profile is her user profile,
or a profile inside of a program (such as Need For Speed).

HTH a little,