Re: Need help choosing AV Please

Ted Zieglar wrote:

Maybe I have it in for Symantec so I'm going to trash Norton Antivirus even
though it provides outstanding antivirus protection? Or maybe I work for
TrendMicro's advertising agency? Or maybe I don't know the first thing about
antivirus software but I'll spread my opinions anyway? At least with a
magazine you know the people who are doing the reporting, and you know how
they did the testing.

There a dozens of websites, if not more, reviewing antivirus software. Are
none of them any good?


I didn't say none of them are any good... My exact quote was "One downside
to using magazines..."

Many people take what magazines say as The Gospel. I'm just saying, take
what they say with a grain of salt... They're not as unbiased as they like
to portray themselves.