Re: Virus infection as soon as I'm online! Help

Yes, I download from work which is clean.

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Toto Sanderson wrote:
My home computer (XP Home) caught Trojan Horse viruses a month ago,
with spy watching (so it says). Then I couldn't figure out how to
delete the virus so I formated C: and re-installed the system.

However, as soon as I installed broadband software and got
connected to the internet, these trojan viruses attacked me again!

I've tried re-install the system serveral times. Now I do not dare
to go online at all coz each time I felt I was bombed with virus &
spy watch immediately... :(

Please help me! Why is it and how to get rid of these spy & virus?

ps, i'm using AVG free edition and I would update the DB once i'm

Did you turn on your firewall before connecting to the Internet?
Did you install SP2 before connecting to the Internet? (You can download
the full IT version and install it before ever connecting to the Internet
with this particular system.)

Prey tell me how you download something without first connecting ... or do
we assume you download from another machine that is known to be clean?

Did you know you could download the AVG updates, write them to some
external media and come online with updated definitions?

Same question as above.

Shenan Stanley
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