Re: Detect cookie additions immediately - How to?

Hello, Richard.

No, I did not applied my suggestion to AdwareAlert. I hope option "Scan
Windows Registry" alerts when something is written in BHO and
Winlogon/Notify registry entries ?


"Richard Lionheart" <NoOne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Vladmir,

Thanks for responding.

Instead, take care that you've instant scan enabled when surfing in the

Do you mean I should set "Instant Scan" as and option in Adware Alert?
The only options I see are:

- General Options
--- Start AdwareAlert when Windows starts (Checked)
--- Log AdwareAlert activities (Checked)
- Scan Options
--- Scan Active Processes (Checked)
--- Scan Windows Registry (Checked)
--- Scan Cookies (Checked)
- Auto-Update Options
--- Download updates automatically ... (Unchecked)
--- Notify me when updates is available ... (Checked)
--- Disable auto-update (Unchecked)

I don't see any "Instant Scan" option. If that's an AdwareAlert option,
can you tell me how to set it?