Re: unrestricted access to a file share

I tend to agree with Shenan, even use of a generically shared username/pwd
that all at the location know is likely better than havng the share
However, given that "the servers will . . . not access to the Internet",
not that much is gained IF that means no one from the internet will have
to the server - even in event of a compromised workstation on that network
that does have access.
I believe you need to add the share in the policy found in the security
area, named something to effect "shares that may be accessed anonymously"

"Dragon Lord" <DragonLord@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The way my business is set up, I need to create a file share that can be
accessed by anyone. The servers will be deployed in the field with no
to the Internet or the central office. Users will need to access the
fileshare that have never been defined on the server (neither the user or
server are domain members) when they are at the remote site.

My Share permissions are Everyone for full/change/read.
My NTFS permissions are Everyone for read/write/execute

I have added anonymous logon to everyone through the security policy, and
have even tried enabling null shares. Neither worked. Whenever I access
stand alone server, it challanges me for credentials.

Is there any way to open up the fileshare so it does not need to
authenticate the user?